Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Asian Bean Slaw

I find that I get the most creative in the kitchen when I have the least amount of food in my fridge, which is exactly the case right now at my house!

I still haven't gone to the grocery store (my normal Sunday routine). I've been so tired lately from going non-stop and passing out on the couch then getting up in the middle of the night to head to bed. I HATE when I do that, because it really does disrupt your sleep cycle and makes you feel so much more tired than if I would have just got my lazy butt up and fell asleep in bed in the first place. Woops! I get very stubborn when I'm sleepy, haha.

Last night when I got home late from work, I had nothing planned, nothing thawed, and I was STARVING. I decided to make something up from scratch. I didn't measure anything but this is about what I used:

Asian Bean Slaw
1/3 chopped red cabbage
1/2 bag shredded broccoli slaw (found at any grocery store)
1 package mung bean sprouts
1 can of sweet corn
1 can of rinsed black beans
1 can of chickpeas (rinsed & roasted for 10 minutes at 450 degrees)
1.5 TBS rice wine vinegar
4-5 drops of liquid stevia
1.5 TBS reduced sodium soy sauce
Fresh Ground Black Pepper
Dash of Mrs. Dash No Salt Added Garlic & herb seasoning
IT WAS DELICIOUS, and it made a TON of food that I will be using up this week. I put it on a bed of spinach and topped with pico de gallo, a black bean burger, and avocado and it was delicious.
Andddd it's pretty :)
Here's a salad I had this week that also hit the spot:
Spinach base, add chopped green pepper, mushrooms, strawberries, avocados, dried cranberries, almonds, flax seeds, & gluten free poppy seed dressing! So sweet and satisfying!


I found a coin workout on instagram by following @workoutroutine that I modified for my bootcamp class. I changed the Plank Knee Tucks to Spiderman Pushups and added Diver Push-ups/Triceps Extensions at the end. We did 4 rounds, it was awesome!

What can you find today to make you smile?
I found this key ring a few weeks ago at World Market. (I AM OBSESSED WITH THAT STORE!) It's a doggy and a kitty that look nothing like my pets, but it was just too cute, I had to have it. Every morning when I grab my keys, it still makes me smile just thinking about my furry babies. They bring me so much happiness, and it feels so good to be unconditionally loved by an animal. My cat, Noodles, used to sleep with me every night and she has not done that in almost 2 years, she prefers her kitty bed, but this week she has been sleeping in bed next to me again, and as nerdy as it sounds, it really makes me so happy knowing she still likes to cuddle with mom!
I take a million pictures of my pets and I probably talk about them more than most people, but it's what makes ME happy. My whole mood changes when I walk in the door and my big puppy is waiting for me with a wagging tail. I would rather be at the dog park than at the bar any day of the week. I still enjoy going out and having fun, don't get me wrong, but honestly, this has just become part of our everyday ritual. My boyfriend and I go to the gym, and our puppy needs his exercise as well, so he goes to the doggy park. I want them both to live long, healthy, happy lives and an active lifestyle is key to achieving those goals.


^^ Words to live by ^^

Make it a great one! Xo- April

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