Monday, March 11, 2013

Things that mean the world to me: Friends, Family, Pets, & Being active!


^ This is my big baby, Mac. He's 2 years old and weighs about 88 pounds and loves cuddling. He's a handful, but his big brown eyes make up for it. He likes to eat cat food, cat poop, garbage, candles, blinds, ummm.. yah, this is why he goes to the dog park everyday!

^ Here we have Noodles, aka Nooniesss! She's 4 years old and a whopping 6 lbs. She looks like a kitten still, I love it. She sleeps with me and loves to cuddle and be held. She sits on my lap in the car and refuses to be in her crate, I've given up that battle.

^ Here's my main squeeeeze, Matty. The best relationships are those made in friendship. We've been friends for a while, and then one day we realized, why not make a good thing, great?! :) Everyday I wake up knowing that I'm a lucky girl. <3

^ My SLIP ROCK Running lovies! Emily, me, Laura, and Taylor at the Pittsburgh Half Marathon from May 2012. Such a great time! LOVE MY GIRLS!

Aww, how cute is my fam? My family nickname is "APPLE" and they all came out to cheer me on. From Left to Right: Brother in-law Mark, Mama, my lil niece, Lily, my big sissy Melissa (Missa), me, & Daddy! This was my oldest sister's daughter, but poor thing was stuck at work. It means so much to a runner to see familiar faces at events. We appreciate you getting up early, fighting traffic, and walking a few miles to see us during the race. Such a pick me up to hear my family yelling YAHHH APPLE KEEP GOING! <3 Blessed!

Don't take life too seriously! Being normal is boring.^^

Just a little glimpse at my life. Thanks for viewing, make today a great day!

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