Monday, May 13, 2013

Tuna Black Bean Tacos

Tuna Black Bean Tacos

Mmmm... these were so good & so simple!
I have been trying to eat as much out of my pantry as possible before I go to the store, so I have been getting creative.

2 cans Tuna in water drained
1 can black beans rinsed and drained
3 tsp cumin (more if desired)
dash of fresh ground sea salt and pepper
chopped cilantro if you have it
1/2 lime juiced
I added some jalapeno salsa from a can I found in my cupboard, I added more cumin because I lovee it too!

Directions: Combine everything together in medium bowl and portion out ~1/2 cup of mixture onto a whole grain tortilla/wrap.
You can add reduced fat cheese if you'd like, but I no longer eat dair so I did not. I threw in some Siracha in the wrap as well, it was delicious! Store the rest in tupperware container for leftovers! NOM!

I love this quote, because most of the time, you are your own worst enemy! Wake up and tell yourself you are going to do awesome and amazing things today, and YOU WILL. Be nice to YOU.

Matty and I joined friends at Holden Beach, NC for a friend's birthday celebration. It was such a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. We've been in such a funk lately.. mostly because of our finances, so we've been hanging out at home and not doing anything fun lately. This was exactly what we needed. It was so great to just be able to spend all day with him and not worry about things going on outside of the beach. It was too cold to get in the water but we brought a bunch of games for the beach which was nice. I couldn't imagine my life without him. He really is my best friend, and I'm so lucky to have found someone so compatible. Now if only he would eat veggies.... He's a work in progress in that department. ;)
The girls did a beach bootcamp Saturday morning. We ran, did squats, lunges, pushups, planks, sprints, and wall sits. Go us! :)

Enjoy your day today!
xo- April

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