Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week in review, Bootcamp, & Ab Challenge!

Hello lovies!

I've been MIA for over a week! I hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend! Remember the reason you're cooking out & off work. Thank you to all those who have & are serving! I will sum up my week for you here. I had a fun weekend! I went out with girlfriends Friday night and then went to Noda with friends & the boy Saturday for a birthday! :) 
This is my friend Tanja and I, she's such a sweet girl! She is on her fitness journey and is joining me for Bootcamp while hitting the gym & drinking her Shakeology! Go girl! So proud of her! 
This is my girl Julieee & I in Noda! Yes, I preach good health, & yes I love beer. I don't feel bad or have to explain myself to anyone. Especially, because this was the first time in weeks I went out, let alone two days in a row! I had so much fun! Healthy living doesn't mean giving everything up, it means everything in moderation! Julie is always in my Bootcamp classes as well as drinking Shakeology. Surround yourself with like minded, healthy individuals, and your goals will be reached so much easier! :) 
I had this beautiful roasted veggie sandwich on Saturday with garlic herb bread and a side of cucumber/tomato salad.. YUM!!! I want to duplicate this at home with a gluten free wrap instead. :) I want it again.. Mmm! 

Here's the Bootcamp I did Memorial Day weekend! Get to it, try this out! 

I'm absolutely in love with this! A girlfriend saw it and thought of me so she sent it to me, yep, this is so me! :)

Bored with your water!? I throw frozen berries & lemon juice in mine. I like to eat the berries at the end! Try it!

I eat this breakfast usually 1-2 times per week! I am in love with it! I think if I was stranded on an island with one meal, this is what I would be happy eating everyday lol. 2 over hard eggs with Sirracha, whole wheat toast, & natural peanut butter & bananas!

This is what happens when you own a German Shepherd in NC. This looks like another animal! Lol, my floors need swept every other day, that doesn't mean it gets done everyday, but yes they need it! Ahhhh, he's lucky he's a sweet boy!

Rosemary red potatoes:
Clean & chop potatoes. Toss in freezer bag with salt, pepper, rosemary, & garlic. Bake at 400 degrees for 50 minutes! Yum! I made grilled chicken & corn to go with it! 

Here's an ab challenge workout for you! Are you up for it? Who's doing this with me?


Have a great day!



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