Thursday, April 11, 2013

Are You Living Up To Your Full Potential?

Do you ever feel like you were meant to do more in life?

I am completely having one of those days- like EVERY day this week.

Is there an aspect of your life you can improve on? If you say no, you are crazzzzzyyy and we both know it! We are meant to continuously improve ourselves. Wisdom comes through experience, which is why we have so much to learn from others. We will never be perfect, but we can work to improve on various parts of our lives. NEVER settle for mediocre. Put the EXTRA in EXTRAordinary! Make a list of things you would like to improve on and then write down as many ways as you can think of that will help you work on that specific part of your life. Remember, you want to be better today than you were yesterday. Here are a few things that I personally want to work on.

1. I haven't found a church since I've moved to NC, that is one thing that is weighing heavy on my heart. Why?! No reason, I've been lazy. What can I do about it? I'm going to start by trying out a new church this weekend. I have one really close to my house that I will attend on Sunday. I will also look into engaging in other programs that the church I decide on offers. Many churches have individual programs for men/women/teens, etc.. I feel like there is just a void in my life that needs to be filled. I also will look for a book with daily motivational readings that incorporate scriptures, I love things like that. Any suggestions on inspirational books you have read would be great! Just leave a comment! Just typing this makes me excited to make this change in my life.

2. I want to touch more lives and be able to motivate others to make little decisions every day to live a healthier life. I am looking into more ways to network myself and get in contact with more individuals that can benefit from the knowledge and tips I have that I'm excited to share with others. I encourage you to share my blog with 1 person today. Do you think someone will find this as helpful as you do? (This is me assuming that you find it helpful of course, haha). Help me improve on this aspect of my life by sharing it with others. I am so passionate about motivating others and finding way to help others see that making better choices is not as hard as one may think. I am working on launching something BIG that will help me to reach this goal, so you will have to stay tuned for that one!

3. I want to volunteer more. For all the hours I spend doing mindless things such as facebook and instagram, I could be giving back. I'm thinking ANIMAL SHELTERS. Oh my, I can volunteer and walk and feed puppies, of course cleaning up poopy comes with that job, but I don't even care. Animals really do just make me so happy, it is so rewarding to have someone love you unconditionally. DON'T JUDGE ME, I KNOW I'M UBER GIRLY, GET OVER IT! Or I could volunteer at senior centers, because I absolutely love working with seniors, the list is endless!

4. I want to get better at budgeting and figuring out how much money I have for the week to spend. I feel like I end up spending too much money on groceries because I'm not telling myself, THIS IS WHAT YOU CAN SPEND. I would like to figure out my budget and sort out the money I can spend for the week in cash and once the cash is gone, there's no more spending. I also want to find a part time job and put that all towards my car payment and savings.

5. I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon. This is a goal I would like to obtain within 1-2 years. I will reach this goal by creating my training programs that consist of speed-work, hill-work, and long runs. I will not make excuses and I will make every workout count. I can and will reach this goal, because I am determined to push myself to be better tomorrow than I am today. Like Nike says, JUST DO IT!

6. I want to continue to eat clean and only allow myself one cheat meal per week and get more creative in the kitchen. I want to create my own recipes and share them with others. I want to find ways to create meals or desserts that taste like "cheat meals" that are made with healthy, clean ingredients. Of course, I will be sharing these with you, don't worry!

7. I want to be the best ME that I can be, everyday. I want to exude happiness and provide motivation to others. I want to be proud of the person I have become. :)

I challenge you to find a way to be a better you, and write them down. Be accountable, make a difference, be the best YOU you can be.

--I almost forgot--
I found out my sister's first lil one will be a girl!
She had a gender reveal party last night, and it was the coolest thing ever because they called me using Facetime (it's like Skype for the iPhone/iPad) so I could be there watching when she found out! So, for a gender reveal party what happens is that when you get the sonogram done, you tell the nurse or someone from the office and they call the baker and say whether the client is having a boy or girl (without telling the parents). The baker then makes a pink or blue cake on the inside with whatever the parents choose for the outside. The cake has to be cut to find out if it is a boy or girl! COOLEST THING EVER, RIGHT?! There are also companies that fill a box with pink or blue helium balloons and when the box is opened, they fly out. I was so thankful for technology to be a part of it. She's going to be the best mommy ever! Here's a picture of the cake.

Have a great day loves,


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