Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kick your butt today so you can love the way it looks later! :)

Hello Summer Weather, Bathing Suit Season is Approaching! :)

Here's an awesome workout that we did outside today for bootcamp!

Warm-up with light jog and 20 jumping jacks
-SPRINT 1 minute
-JOG back
-15 Burpees
-15 Pushups
-1 minute plank


-1 Minute High Knees
-1 Minute Butt Kicks Back
-1 Minute Spiderman Climb
-1 Minute Bear Crawl Back
-10 Burpees
-10 Pushups
-1 Minute Plank


-1 Minute Lunges
-JOG Back
-1 Minute Side Squats
-1 Minute Side Squats Back
(You should be leading with Right leg for one minute then leading with Left leg for 1 minute)


GET ITTT! We did it outside and it was hottt and challenging! ENJOY!

Here are some food ideas:

Spinach & onion egg white omelette:
Made this one for dinner last night - so so good!
I buy the carton of egg whites and add about 1/4 - 1/2 cup (I don't measure it- just put enough in the skillet for a nice sized omelette)
Cook over medium heat until you start to see bubbles then add  a handful of spinach and chopped onions.
You can add mushrooms, tomatoes, etc..
Fold the omelette in half and cook a few minutes more.
Top with fresh ground pepper and sea salt.
I add Red Hot to all my omelettes because I used to add MOUNDS UPON MOUNDS of Ketchup (HEINZ OF COURSE) to my eggs.
BUTTTT.. If you look at the sodium and calories in Ketchup - it adds up!
Here's my concoction below:

Get Creative With Your Salads!
Here's mine from today:

Spinach base, red cabbage, red/orange/green peppers, alfalfa sprouts, and a mix of Adzuki, Lentils, & Peas. Topped it with avocados & fat free italian dressing! Nom!

So, this mix is not something I normally add to my salads, but I saw it at Harris Teeter for like $1.69 and thought hey, why not? Beans and sprouts are full of protein and fiber so anytime you can add it, go for it! Here is the packaging below. My alfalfa sprouts are from the same company. Super cheap! They do go bad quickly though, so use them up within a few days of purchasing them!

I'll leave with you this little gem:

Happy Tuesday!!

Xo- April

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