Thursday, April 18, 2013

Little Steps can make Big Changes

I have been so inspired lately, I wake up happy, I set goals for the day and I meet them. I'm motivated, I'm determined, I will be the best ME yet.

I've been throwing myself into my new online health coaching business. It's the first time in my life I'm doing something I LOVE. I am responding to e-mails, facebook messages, texts, instagram posts any chance I get. I love that people feel comfortable coming to me asking for questions- it makes me feel good knowing that people trust my opinion. The thing is, I don't make money for giving out advice, I do it because I loveee doing it, I THRIVE off motivating others. That truly is my passion. I get paid if someone becomes a customer and orders BeachBody products- but that's not the part that excites me. Having the chance to hear people's stories and obstacles and to be able to help them find solutions is what makes me feel so alive.
I haven't made a single sale yet and I'm not one bit stressed, I am LOVING it. That's not why I decided to do this, I am not a salesman, I believe in the products and if someone asks I'll tell them why/what I love about them. If they buy it great, if they don't, who cares- I just want to help them in whatever way I can. If I just keep being me and networking myself, the sales will come, and I know I am going to be successful at this business, but every day I feel like my life has purpose. I haven't felt like that in a long time. I get to directly impact someone's day or someone's mood, and for that- I know I've made the right decision in starting this business.

Enjoy your life, no matter what. Don't wait, don't overreact, JUST ACT.

I posted about Boston the other day and how much it affected me. I saw this clip from the Boston Bruins game where EVERYONE sang the National Anthem together- I can't even imagine how moving that must be to have been there. Watch the short clip HERE.

One other thing I would like to share with you is an article I read this morning. It's written by Dani Johnson, she has had the hardest life and has become a millionare. She is so inspiring and motivational. I am actually going to one of her seminars in Pittsburgh next weekend and I am so excited! Have you ever read something that just felt like it was written for you to read? This spoke to me this morning, open this link, if you're busy- just read 1 of her laws at a time when you get time today. If it takes you an hour to read the whole article bit by bit- it's worth it. Morning Motivation right here!

Have a great day everyone- I work until 1:45, am going running, heading to the library for some personal development reading, teach bootcamp at 6:30, home to take BODY COMBAT and make my Shakeology for dinner! Is it weird that I'm looking forward to it SO much!? It's my favorite meal of the day, LOVE IT! I had chocolate Banana yesterday! SO GOOD!

xo- ApRiL

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