Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weekend Bootcamp Workout

Happy Weekend!!

I have so many things I'm looking forward to, it's making my mood so much better  just knowing fun things are ahead!
We are in Fayetteville, NC this weekend visiting my boyfriend's amazing family and some friends of ours, yay! I'm so blessed to have them so close, they really have become my second family. :)
Next weekend, I'm heading home to Pittsburgh for Dani Johnsons's "First Steps to Success" Seminar, which I am extremely excited about! I will also get to see my family & friends!
In 3 weeks, we are going to the beach with a group of friends and bringing the dogs, which will be a blast! I'm counting down the days!

I'm going to be brief today, because I need to get up & run & do BodyCombat before the day gets started- you better believe I brought my LesMills dvds and shakeology! It's so simple, you bring a dvd & a laptop & you can workout anywhere you go!! Plus, I crave Shakeology way too bad to leave it at home, lol. I wanted to post a bootcamp workout for you all to try out this weekend! I will be getting together some girls on Sunday for a bootcamp session, you should try to do the same- grab your friends together & pop in a workout DVD or do this bootcamp!  I love getting to kick my friends butts, haha! I hope to get more interest from people in Charlotte by hosting a free workout session on the weekends at a church or somewhere where we can all get together, workout & motivate each other to stay active & keep on the right eating plan!

Booooty Bootcamp
Warm up: 10 toe touches where you tap the ground 3 times tapping farther back each time, come up straight, lean back slightly and stretch lower back with hands overhead. 15 air squats (just squat with no weight). 25 jumping jacks.

10 Burpees
20 tuck jumps
15 push-ups
25 Snake sit-ups 
30 deep squats
40 mountain climbers/leg
20 side lunges/leg
100 quick punches
Do 3 ROUNDS of these last 4 exercises.
50 Jumping Jacks
45 sec plank
20 high knees/leg
REPEAT these 3 exercise 3 TIMES!

Cool down: March in place, roll shoulders, stretch all major muscle groups. YOU DID IT!

Exercise descriptions: (if you don't understand something, YouTube the exercise to understand what I'm describing, but know anyone can post on YouTube so form may not be accurate)
Burpees: start standing, come down into plank, lower body to floor, then push up, come back to standing, and jump at top, repeat.
Tuck jumps: jump up and tuck legs into body
Snake sit-ups: come up as a sit-up, but come down with hands together twisting to right and left like a snake as many times each side as you lower back to ground slowly 
Deep squats: go low, all the weight in heels, push booty back like you're sitting in a chair
Mountain climbers: get in push-up position & bring right knee to chest, alternate legs as fast as you can and don't pike butt- keep a flat back
Side lunges: bring right leg out to side, push booty back as you lower it, use right leg and really PUSH back to center, repeat 20 times and switch to left leg
Quick punches: wide stance, get low, punch as fast as you can without twisting your hips- only your belly button up should be twisting, keep a tight core, punch like you mean it, 100 altogether which means 50 per side
You should know the rest of the exercises, if you don't email me at I'm happy to help :)

Comment if you will be trying this! If you have any questions about health,  fitness, or nutrition just shoot me an e-mail! If you would be interested in joining my active challenge group on Facebook, add me: and tell me you're interested and I will add you to the group. Basically, we all post our workouts, meals, and even obstacles we're facing and everyone is so supportive and motivating! It really is a great support system.  I love it! 

Have a great day all!

Xo- April

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