Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Prayers for Boston

My Heart is Heavy Today...

In our lifetime, we have seen so many horrific acts of violence, but yesterday hit me the hardest. I literally cried when I was watching the news unfold about the bombings because as a marathon runner, it just hit too close to home. It is every runner's dream to qualify for Boston, and these people have worked so hard to get there, and the unfair price they had to pay is just so, so sad. Imagine never being able to use your legs again or having a life-changing injury because you were at MARATHON MONDAY. One of the happiest places to be, runners making friends with strangers everywhere. There are so many feelings I have.. I'm mad, I'm sad, I'm shocked, I'm hurt... I'm just speechless.

Be thankful you have your loved ones and hold them tight. I challenge you to run/walk/lift/exercise today for those suffering in Boston. Use your legs because you can. Strap on your shoes and get out the door for those who may never be able to again.

I have never cried before over an event like this, until now. I think because I've run marathons and it is such an amazing feeling but how could some awful human being do something like this to innocent people? I cried because I also think about my life without running, running is one of the most important things in my life, it keeps me sane, it lifts me up, it fills my soul. Running is ME, I wouldn't be ME without it. Also, my family is always there to support me at my races. Can you imagine losing a loved one because they had travelled to come WATCH YOU race because they LOVED YOU? How awful would you feel if you were in that runners shoes? It's obviously not their fault, but I know I would have so much added pain in my heart from knowing that they were there for me. I can't even write about it without getting upset again, I don't know what this world is coming to. I know there is more good in this world than bad, but events like this make me so scared to raise children one day. What kind of terrible things are to come?

I want to stay positive today and uplift thoughts and prayers to those affected. The power of prayer is so great, if you have a moment- just a quick silent prayer to heal the physical and emotional pain for all those affected would be greatly appreciated.

Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you today and hold them tight, because the gift of life is so fragile.

If you or anyone you know are trying to get in touch with anyone that was in the area, you can do so at the American Red Cross Website, click HERE.

Count your blessings today.

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